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[sticky post] Feedback page

Please leave your feedback here if you've bought/sold from me from Facebook or my LJ page ^^

For transactions done on the EGL Comm Sales,  here's a linkie to my feedback page <3



I don't have time to post any proper updates anywhere, so I've been posting my outfit pics and whatnots on Twitter instead. Follow Minty_Merry on Twitter if you're interested in lolita/video game development related tweets :")

WTB List!

Chess Chocolate buyer's remorse?

I finally caved in and ordered a brown Chess Chocolate OP... Now, maybe I won't regret this purchase, but I bought an Atelier Pierrot skirt just yesterday :"(

Christmas spending bug?

Shopping list Sunday!

 I've been thinking about ordering stuff from Taobao again. I've not been disappointed by the blouses and bags I've ordered off Taobao, but the dresses I've gotten off Taobao weren't very good looking in person (and they just love making dresses way bigger than my measurements). There are several JSKs/OPs that I'm kind of interested in, though.

Who knows, I might gamble it again? What do you think? I need to invest in a serger, so I won't order anything yet until mid-July.

Sorta kinda want list
  1. HMHM Cherry embroidered dress: This JSK in navy blue!
  2. Surface Spell sailor dress: In blue!
  3. R-Series classic OP: Too bad the other images are broken, but it looks kinda promising from that one pic...
  4. Akane & Alois JSK: I want the hairband too!
  5. Akane & Alois OP: I'm not quite sure, but it seems like it would look pretty sweet for a not-so-hot summer day.
  6. Infanta MM style dress: It feels like it's missing something, but it's quite nice :D
I have some more items that I want to list down, but the boyfriend is nagging me to get ready to go out for lunch. I guess I'll stop at six for now. 

Rude photographers

 I went to the Troy River Fest with a bunch of friends earlier today. It was a very sunny and warm day, but I was comfortable in my cream classic Meta coord and a parasol. The strawberry lemonade was delicious and everyone seems to be in a good mood.

Unfortunately when I was walking around alone, 2 very rude "photographers" have decided to take pictures of me without my permission. They ran in front of me, took pictures with flash on, and they were laughing as they did that. I felt quite insulted. They were clearly laughing AT me. I decided to ignore them the first time round, but when I walked back to meet up with my friends... The guys started taking pictures again.

I decided that they were crossing the line and had to be stopped.

It took a lot of effort on my part because I'm an introvert, but I went up to the guys and told them that they are being very rude and disrespectful. One of the guys told me that since it's a public space, it's fair game. I would have agreed with them if they did not openly laugh at me as they ran in front of me to point their lenses to take pictures of me. We started (politely) arguing back and forth about how it's a bad thing to do. He asked me why I'd dress the way I do if I don't want my pictures taken. I tried (in vain) to explain to him that I'm alright with having my pictures taken as long as the photographer politely asked beforehand.

Not long after, my friends spotted me and the guys stopped arguing with me.

I have had my picture taken before, but people were generally nice and polite about it. They would give sincere compliments and then ask if it's alright for them to take my picture. Those guys were just being jerks. He said that he took my picture because he thought I looked "sharp". He also said that he's a good photographer. Yeah, sure.

That was my first run-in with "that" kind of people after a little over a year wearing lolita fashion daily. I hope it would not be a common occurrence.

I know many of us have experienced this before. How did you handle the situation when it happened to you?

The pain...

 After a long work day (9am~10:30pm), I've discovered that I have missed out on a great deal for a dress that I've been looking for :/
5800yen! Aaah! T_T So cheap!

I guess I'll go sift through Fairy Angel some...